Yeast Organelle & Metabolic Enzyme Monoclonal Antibodies

Two species of yeast have been pressed into service as model organisms: S. cerevisiae and S. pombe, largely because the cell cycle in a yeast cell is very similar to the cell cycle in humans, and therefore the basic cellular mechanics of DNA replication, recombination, cell division and metabolism are comparable. Also, yeasts are easily manipulated and cultured in the lab which has allowed for the development of powerful standard techniques. Many proteins important in human biology were first discovered by studying their homologs in yeast, including cell cycle proteins, signaling proteins, and protein-processing enzymes.

Researchers working with S. cerevisiae are often challenged to find high quality antibodies to relevant targets of interest. Scientists at MitoSciences have increased their efforts to validate high quality anti-yeast antibodies against targets in mitochondria, vacuoles and other cellular targets of interest. Antibodies are currently characterized for reactivity in Western blot (WB) with yeast cell and membrane lysate samples and many are also suitable for immunocytochemistry (ICC).

Antibody Products
Cat. No. Name Reactivity  
ab135397 GAL4 antibody Binding Domain (BD) [15-6E10A7] Yeast
ab135398 GAL4 antibody Active Domain (AD) [14-7E10G10] Yeast
MS406 Complex IV subunit III (COXIII) monoclonal antibody [DA5BC4] Hu, Rat, Ms, Yeast
MS418 Complex IV subunit I (Cox1p) monoclonal antibody for yeast [11D8B7] Yeast
MS419 Complex IV subunit II (Cox2p) monoclonal antibody for yeast [ 4B12A5] Yeast
MS420 Complex IV subunit IV monoclonal antibody for yeast [1A12A12] Yeast
MSA08 Porin (POR1) antibody for yeast [16G9E6BC4] Yeast
MSZ01 VMA1 antibody [8B1F3] Yeast
MSZ02 VPH1 antibody [10D7A7B2] Yeast
MSZ03 VMA2 antibody [13D11B2] Yeast
MSZ04 Carboxypeptidase Y (CPY) antibody [10A5B5] Yeast
MSZ05 DPM1 antibody [5C5A7] Yeast
MSZ06 PGK1 antibody [22C5D8] Yeast
MSZ07 ALP / PHO8 antibody [1D3A10] Yeast
MSZ08 PEP12 antibody [2C3G4] Yeast
MSZ09 VPS10 antibody [18C8BC7AD10] Yeast

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