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Product Updates


MS601 is a mAb cocktail optimized for the detection of a subunit from each of the 5 OXPHOS complexes. This kit is an already mixed solution containing 5 mAbs, one each against a 20 kDa subunit of Complex I, 30 kDa non-heme iron subunit of succinate dehydrogenase (Complex II), core protein 2 of Complex III, subunit II of cytochrome c oxidase (Complex IV) and the a subunit of the ATP synthase (Complex V).

These polypeptides can be well separated by SDS-PAGE. The OXPHOS mAb cocktail provides an important analysis of the purity of isolated mitochondria or individual complexes. Also this cocktail allows the rapid detection of the decrease of an individual OXPHOS subunit in a sample relative to a control. In addition 50 µg of SDS-dissociated human mitochondria are supplied for use as a Western blotting control sample.


The OXPHOS/PDH immunochemistry kit provides a tool for rapid screening of cells and tissues for assembly defects in OXPHOS Complexes I, II, III, IV and V as well as the PDH complex. The key components of the OXPHOS/PDH immunodetection kit are six monoclonal antibodies able to selectively recognize each of the 5 OXPHOS enzyme complexes and PDH. These six mAbs are specific to 1) subunit NDUFS3 of Complex I, 2) the 30 kDa iron-sulfur subunit of Complex II, 3) the core protein 2 of Complex III, 4) mtDNA-encoded subunit I of Complex IV, 5) the OSCP subunit of Complex V and 6) the E1a subunit of PDH.