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Complex I (NADH dehydrogenase) products

Mitosciences provides monoclonal antibodies against the mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase, OXPHOS Complex I. Listed below are antibodies against subunits of Complex I for Immunocapture (C), Western blotting (W) and Immunocytochemistry studies (I).

Complex I Immunocapture antibody (MS101)(C)

Complex I Western blotting cocktail(MS102)(W)

Complex I Grim-19 antibody (MS103)(W)(I)

Complex I NDUFS4 antibody (MS104)(W)

Complex I 20 kDa (likely ND6) antibody (MS105)(W)

Complex I 15 kDa (likely NDUFA6)antibody (MS107)(W)(I)

Complex I NDUFB6 antibody (MS108)(W)

Complex I 8 kDa protein antibody (MS109)(W)

Complex I NDUFS3 antibodies (MS110 & MS112)(W)(I)

Complex I NDUFA9 antibody (MS111)(W)