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Ribonuclease UK114 (HRSP12)

UniProt Number: P52758
Alternate Names: 14.5 kDa translational inhibitor protein, p14.5, UK114 antigen homolog, PSP
Structure and Function: HRSP12 is an endoribonuclease found predominantly in human adult kidney and liver, and which is responsible for inhibiting translation by cleaving mRNA. HRSP12 cleaves phosphodiester bonds only in single-stranded RNA.
Disease Associations: The levels of both the mRNA and protein are markedly reduced in heptatocellular tumors and in human hepatoma cell lines compared with normal liver tissues. Moreover the levels of the protein are different depending on the grade of the tumor. This had led to the suggestion that ribonuclease UK114 may be an important biomarker for heptatic carcinoma.

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