Metabolic Pathway Diagrams

The pathway diagrams presented here are not a complete representation of all of the enzymes involved in any metabolic process. Instead, they identify the key enzymes whose regulation determines the overall throughput or flux of a given pathway. Thus, they are those components whose amount is under transcriptional control and/or whose activity is subject to substrate or product feedback, and/or is regulated by post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation/dephosphorylation or acetylation.

MitoSciences has developed monoclonal antibodies against a significant number of these important metabolic enzymes, and we continue to add more that can be used in Western blotting, immunocytochemistry, or immunohistochemistry studies. Many of these enzymes can also be measured quantitatively using MitoSciences' FlexPlex™ sandwich ELISA platform, and microplate-based assays are also available for measuring the specific functional activity of many of these enzymes as well.

The pathway diagrams below provide a quick mechanism for browsing directly to those products which are available for each enzyme.

Intermediary Metabolism Pathway Diagram Intermediary Metabolism Overview
Acetyl-CoA Metabolism: Key Nodes Acetyl-CoA Metabolism: Key Nodes
Apoptosis Pathway Diagram Apoptosis
Fatty Acid Oxidation (Mitochondrial)
Fatty Acid Oxidation (Peroxisomal)
Glycolysis Pathway Diagram Glycolysis
Krebs Cycle Pathway Diagram Krebs Cycle
Oxidative Phosphorylation Pathway Diagram Oxidative Phosphorylation
Pyruvate Metabolism: Key Nodes Pyruvate Metabolism: Key Nodes
Urea Cycle
Xenobiotic Metabolism

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