Other Protein-Based Technologies and Services for Mitochondrial Toxicity Studies

Immunohistochemical Detection of Mitochondrial Alterations
Many drug interactions are tissue specific and evident early only in limited regions as small lesions. This is particularly the case when disruption of mitochondrial biogenesis or accumulation of post-translational modifications cause cell apoptosis or necrosis. In such cases it is useful to examine mitochondrial dysfunction at a cell by cell level. MitoSciences provides monoclonal antibody-based kits for immunocytochemistry of cell cultures and immunohistochemistry of both paraffin and frozen sections. These kits identify altered biogenesis as well as changes in morphology in response to drug treatments.

Mitochondrial Proteome Screening
The MitoProfile® technology can identify altered levels and post-translation modification of any of the 100 proteins that constitute the five OXPHOS complexes and the 4 protein components of PDH. We have monoclonal antibodies to other mitochondrial proteins including porin, cyclophilin D and frataxin. For an even broader screen of drug effects on mitochondrial proteins, we provide differential proteome analysis of the entire organelle protein complement using a combination of 2D gel electrophoresis along with antibody- based as well as mass spectrometry based identification of proteins altered by any drug treatment.

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