MSP31 MitoProfile® Dipstick Assay Kit for PDH Quantity

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60 Dipstick Kit: $495.00
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Brief Description & Uses

This kit contains dipsticks and necessary components to quantify the levels of the PDH enzyme complex (pyruvate dehydrogenase) from human, bovine, mouse, and rat samples.

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Product: MitoProfile® Dipstick Assay Kit for PDH Quantity
Catalog #: MSP31
Kit Components: Dipsticks, dried gold-conjugated antibody, and buffers.
mAb Clone ID: 15D3 (capture antibody on dipsticks)
13G2 (dried gold-conjugated antibody)
Applications: Quantitative analysis of PDH
Antigen Species Cross-Reactivity: Human, Bovine, Mouse, Rat
Storage: Store dipsticks and gold-conjugated secondary antibody at room temperature out of direct sunlight in their provided containers. Store buffers at 4°C.
Country of Origin: USA

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The above image shows the reduction in PDH quantity signal strength when descreasing amounts of rat tissue protein extract are loaded (isolation of mitochondria is not necessary). Quantitative analysis of the signal was performed using our immunochromatographic reader (Hamamatsu ICA-1000).

Immunochromatographic Reader

While visual measurements and scanning on a flatbed scanner can both be used to evaluate our dipsticks, the most effective quantitative results are derived when using an immunochromatographic reader that has been specifically designed to read conjugated gold lateral flow devices.

The reader that we recommend is the Hamamatsu ICA-1000, which is a simple PC-based system for measuring and analyzing our dipstick products. We have an agreement in place with Hamamatsu that allows us to offer this reader directly to our customers. To learn more about this reader, or to order one, please click here to visit the product page.

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