MSA09 AIF (Apoptosis-Inducing Factor) monoclonal antibody

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100 g of monoclonal antibody reactive against the 67 kDa AIF (Apoptosis-Inducing Factor), for Western blotting and immunocytochemistry applications. Isolated mitochondria are available from several species for use as control samples. To see the complete list of control samples available from MitoSciences, click here.

AIF is a flavoprotein (67 kDa) localized in the inter-membrane space. It is a multi-functional protein with a vital oxidoreductase function (required for cell survival), an anti-oxidant activity, an assembly function in Complex I (NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase complex) formation and an apoptogenic function. AIF has a major role in the caspase-independent apoptosis process. It translocates to the nucleus after mitochondrial release, leading to chromatin condensation and DNA fragmentation.

The process of apoptosis, the main type of programmed cell death, is an important function in cell termination, cell homeostasis, tissue development and lymphocyte interactions.


Product: AIF monoclonal antibody
Catalog #: MSA09
Lot #:
Clone ID: 7F7AB10
Host Species and Isotype: Mouse IgG1, κ
Immunogen: Human heart mitochondria
Concentration: 1 mg/ml in Hepes-Buffered Saline (HBS) with 0.02% azide as a preservative.
Purity: Near homogeneity as judged by SDS-PAGE. The antibodies were produced in vitro using hybridomas grown in serum-free medium, and then purified by biochemical fractionation.
Suggested Working Concentration: 2-5 g/ml for Western blotting, 5-10 g/ml for immunocytochemistry
Applications: Western blotting, Immunocytochemistry
Antigen Species Cross-Reactivity: Human
Storage: 4C
Country of Origin: USA

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The MSA09 anti-AIF mAb cross-reacts with a single band in human heart mitochondria (H) and routinely with 2 bands in human liver mitochondria (L) in a Western blot. This may be the result of enhanced proteolysis in liver or a reaction with more than one isoform in this tissue.

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