MS851 MitoProfile® Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue
(with Dounce Homogenizer)


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Brief Description & Uses

Contains sufficient reagents and a homogenizer for up to 10 benchtop mitochondria isolations from hard or soft tissues. Isolated mitochondria can be analyzed by Western Blotting, Immunocapture, or Activity assay. Also available without a homogenizer as MS850.


Product: MS850 MitoProfile® Benchtop Mitochondrial Isolation Kit for
Tissue with Dounce Homogenizer
Catalog #: MS851
Kit Components: 30 ml of Wash Buffer
100 ml of Isolation Buffer
2.0 ml Dounce Homogenizer with pestles
Tissues: brain, liver, heart
Storage: Shipped at room temperature. Upon receipt store kit at 4°C.
Country of Origin: USA

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Figure 1. Rat liver mitochondria were isolated with MS851. 2 µg (lane 1) and 10 µg (lane 2) of mitochondra were tested with MS604 (Rodent Total OXPHOS Complexes Detection Kit). Signal strength higher compared to homogenate at respective amounts, see lane 3 and 4.

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MS851 Specifications Mito Isolation Protocol

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