MS404 Complex IV subunit I
monoclonal antibody

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Brief Description & Uses

100 g of monoclonal antibody reactive against the 57 kDa COX (Complex IV) subunit I. The apparent molecular weight is 35 kDa. MS404 also labels COX I in immunocytochemical applications. Isolated mitochondria are available from several species for use as control samples. To see the complete list of control samples available from MitoSciences, click here. Variations in the synthesis of cytochrome c oxidase subunits from the two genomes (mitochondrial and nuclear) have been described as markers for several cancers including those of the prostate, and thyroid. Additionally this ratio has been reported to identify areas of the brain damaged in Alzheimer’s disease and also to relate to the overall regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis in exercise and diet.

To examine this ratio in immunocytochemistry we offer two mAbs against mitochondrially encoded subunits I and II (MS404 and MS405, respectively) and mAbs against two nuclear encoded subunits IV and Va (MS408 and MS409, respectively). The latter two are retained in mitochondria exhibiting heterolpasmy or mosaicism of altered mtDNA transcription e.g. in anti-retroviral therapy. Therefore an immunocytochemical study using a combination of subunits I or II alongside IV or Va could reveal changes in the levels of mtDNA or mtDNA encoded proteins. When conducting immunocytochemistry it is critical to perform the antigen retrieval procedure (step C, page 6 of the protocol).


Product: Complex IV subunit I
monoclonal antibody
Catalog #: MS404
Lot #:
Clone ID: 1D6E1A8
Host Species and Isotype: Mouse IgG2a, κ
Immunogen: Human Complex IV subunit I, from SDS-PAGE
Concentration: 1 mg/ml in HEPES-Buffered Saline (HBS) with 0.02% azide as a preservative.
Purity: Near homogeneity as judged by SDS-PAGE. The antibodies were produced in vitro using hybridomas grown in serum-free medium, and then purified by biochemical fractionation.
Suggested Working Concentration: 1 g/ml for Western blotting, 5 g/ml for Immunocytochemistry
Applications: Western blotting, Immunocytochemistry
Antigen Species Cross-Reactivity: human, bovine, mouse, rat, Zebrafish, C. elegans, and oyster
Storage: 4C
Country of Origin: USA

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References for Complex IV subunit I


Complex IV subunit I Western Blotting Image

Image of the CcoI antibody (green) used to stain MELAS (myoclonus, epilepsy, lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes) where a mutation in a mitochondrially-encoded tRNA gene alters the biogenesis of Cco. A noted difference in staining can be seen between cells which have the CcoI subunit and those which either have little to none of the subunit present. The antibody was used at 7.5 ug/mL of anti-Cco subunit 1 mAb (MS404) in 10% goat serum, overnight at 4C, when testing fibroblasts or other adherent cells.

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