For a detailed guide to mitochondrial toxicity screening solutions, download our Mitochondrial Toxicity Application Guide.

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Products for Mitochondrial Toxicity Screening

Every year an appreciable number of drugs are withdrawn from the market, or their uses are curtailed by black box warnings, due to some adverse effect that was not discovered during preclinical and clinical testing. New assays for mitochondrial function (many of which were developed by MitoSciences) have revealed strong mitochondrial impairment by several previously withdrawn drugs, including cerivastatin (Baycol), troglitazone (Rezulin), nefazodone (Serzone), and tolcapone. Not surprisingly, there is now much more focus on identifying mitochondrial toxicity early in the development process.

Cat. No. Name
ab140100 Cellular acid extrusion probe
MS955 CFSE - Cell Labeling Kit
MS958 DCFDA - Cellular Reactive Oxygen Species Detection Assay Kit
ab140097 Extracellular Oxygen (O2) probe
ab140099 Extracellular Oxygen (O2) probe (with high-sensitivity oil)
ab140098 Extracellular Oxygen (O2) probe (with mineral oil)
ab140101 Intracellular Oxygen (O2) probe
MS959 JC1 - Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit
MS961 Live/Dead Cell Assay
ab129732 Mitochondrial Viability Stain
MTOXC MitoTox™ Complete OXPHOS Activity Assay Panel
MTOX1 MitoTox™ Complex I OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit
MTOX2 MitoTox™ Complex II OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit
MTOX3 MitoTox™ Complex III OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit
MTOX4 MitoTox™ Complex IV OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit
MTOX5 MitoTox™ Complex V OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit
ab178020 Oxidized Protein Western Blot Kit
ab190804 Thioredoxin Reductase 1 (TXNRD1) Activity Assay Kit
MS960 TMRE Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit
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