MetaPath™ Fatty Acid Oxidation 4-Plex Dipstick Array

Catalog No. MSX32

$545.00 - 30 tests
$995.00 - 90 tests

Product Description

This novel array allows for the simultaneous quantification of 3 key enzymes involved in fatty acid oxidation: MCAD, SCHAD and Mitochondrial Trifunctional Protein. Frataxin is also included as a control.

The array is comprised of 4 monoclonal capture antibodies striped onto a dipstick, and the immunocaptured sample is detected using 4 monoclonal detector antibodies that recognize different epitopes on the target enzymes.

This array is very rapid (total assay time including sample prep is less than 1 hour) and very sensitive, and as with all MitoSciences' assays, isolation of mitochondria is not required.

This array is suitable for testing a variety of sample types, including cultured cells and tissue from cheek swabs. Not only is it useful for measuring samples that are deficient in the 3 enzymes due to genetic mutations, it is also useful for measuring changes in the expression of the enzymes due to drug treatments or other manipulations.

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Product Specifications
Species Reactivity: human
Storage Conditions: Store dipsticks and gold-conjugated secondary antibody at room temperature out of direct sunlight in their provided containers.

Store buffers at 4° C, or at -20° C for long term storage.
Country of Origin: USA


Figure 1

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Figure 1. Measurement of patient and deficient cell lines.
Untransformed fibroblasts cell lines cultured from patients with lipid metabolism disorders were analyzed by these dipsticks. Absorbance units were compared to neonatal skin fibroblast cells (1) as a control. Patient cell line (2) has TFP protein deficiency likely a result of mutations R61H (182G-A) and R247H (740G-A) in HADHB gene (TFP beta subunit). While cell lines (3) and (4) both have MCAD activity deficiency as a result of the prevalent MCAD mutation K304E, 985A-G) in the ACADM gene.

Cell lines patients deficient in lipid metabolism were analyzed. Note the mAbs units measured for the untransformed control fibroblasts are different from the transformed HepG2 liver cell lines shown above. Also note a consistent decreased SCHAD level in these patients cell lines which may be a consequence of general lipid metabolism disruption in these patient cell lines.



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