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Ketogenesis Pathway


The common starting point for ketone body formation, fatty acid synthesis, along with steroid formation including the synthesis of cholesterol, is the linkage of two acetyl-CoA units into longer chains. The first step in this process is the reaction: 2 acetylCoA = acetoacetyl-CoA by the enzyme ACAT1, also called thiolase. Processing of acetoacetyl-CoA to more complex molecules occurs in the cytosol using the key enzymes shown in the ketogenesis pathway diagram.

MitoSciences also provides a monoclonal antibody against HMG-CoA lyase, providing a monitor of ketone body formation in the liver and ketone body breakdown in other tissues.

Click the thumbnail to the right for a schematic of ketogenesis enzymes.

Monoclonal Antibodies
Cat. No. Name Reactivity Apps. Amount Price  
MS718 ACAT1 antibody human ICC, IHC, IP, ICE 100 µg $325.00
MS725 HMGCL antibody human, rat ICC, IP, ICE 100 µg $325.00

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