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Products and Tools for Life Scientists and Researchers

We offer the world’s largest library of mitochondrial antibodies made to exacting standards of specificity and utility backed by leading researchers. Our mission is to advance mitochondrial research and to develop diagnostic tools for mitochondrial disease. Along with our individual mitochondria antibodies we also offer...

   Research Kits, including our OXPHOS Evaluation Kit.
   Technical Support for all of our products.
   Volume Discounts for many of our products.
   Contract Research for your specific needs.
   MitoPoints customer rewards program.

Mitochondrial Antibodies & Antibody Kits
Our Research Toolbox provides valuable
FREE tools for mitochondrial researchers.

   Protocols For Research
   Review detailed protocols for antibody applications.

   MitoNews: Email Research Bulletin
   Keep up to date on the latest mitochondrial research.

   MitoLinks: Directory of Mitochondrial Resources
   Categorized list of online resources.

   Technical Support Forums
   Questions and answers about using our products.

Featured Product

Microplate Assay Kits for Cytochrome c Oxidase

Three new kits provide a novel approach to assaying cytochrome c oxidase activity and quantity with very small tissue requirements and without prior isolation of mitochondria from samples. Click here to learn more.

Cytochrome c oxidase is a biomarker for diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer. Click here to learn more about this enzyme and its contribution to disease and other physical conditions.

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