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Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (G6PI)

UniProt Number: P06744
Alternate Names: Phosphoglucose isomerase, G6P, GPI, Neuroleukin, Autocrine motility factor, Phosphohexose isomerase, Sperm antigen 36
Structure and Function: Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase (G6PI) is an enzyme expressed by most tissues and cell types. Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase is a dimeric enzyme which catalyzes the conversion of glucose-6-phosphate into fructose-6-phosphate in the second step of glycolysis. Glucose-6-phosphate can act as a tumor-secreted cytokine and an angiogenic factor that stimulates endothelial cell motility. G6PI is also a neurotrophic factor (Neuroleukin) for spinal sensory neurons.
Disease Associations: Defects in GPI are the cause of hemolytic anemia non-spherocytic due to glucose phosphate isomerase deficiency (HA-GPID) [MIM:613470]. It is a form of anemia in which there is no abnormal hemoglobin or spherocytosis. It is caused by glucose phosphate isomerase deficiency. Severe GPI deficiency can be associated with hydrops fetalis, immediate neonatal death and neurological impairment.

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ab128574 Glucose 6 Phosphate Isomerase Human ELISA Kit Hu 96 Tests

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