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Epoxide hydrolase 1 (EPHX1)

UniProt Number: P07099
Alternate Names: Microsomal epoxide hydrolase, Epoxide hydratase, EPHX, EPOX
Structure and Function: Epoxide hydrolases (also known as epoxide hydratases) function in detoxification during drug metabolism. They convert epoxides to trans-dihydrodiols, which can be conjugated and excreted from the body. Epoxides result from the degradation of aromatic compounds. The two best characterized forms are EPHX1, which is localized to the endoplasmic reticulum and microsome, and EPHX2, which is a cytosolic, so-called soluble, form of the enzyme.
Disease Associations: Genetic variation in EPHX1 may be associated with susceptibility to a form of pregnancy-induced hypertension known as pre-eclampsia [MIM:189800]. Defects in EPHX1 are a cause of familial hypercholanemia (FHCA) [MIM:607748]. Polymorphisms of EPHX1 influence susceptibility to COPD (Lee et al. 2010. Eur Respir J.).

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MS758 EPHX1 antibody human ICC, IP, ICE 100 µg

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