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MitoSciences Dipstick Reader

Catalog No. MS1000


Product Description

The MS1000 is a PC-based system for measuring and analyzing MitoSciences' dipstick products.

Specifically designed to read lateral flow devices that employ conjugated gold, the MS1000 provides a complete software system for measuring and analyzing dipstick assays.

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Product Specifications
AC Power Source: 110 V to 240 V
Backup batteries: Four AA
Interface: USB and RS-232C
Light Source: Green LED
Sensor: Si Photodiode
Measuring: Colored lines by gold colloid
Dimensions: 215 mm width x 90 mm height x 235 mm length
Operating System: Windows 98, 2000 or XP
Measurements: Absorbance (ABS), height, area, concentration, CV, SD
Sensitivity (min.): 0.005 ABS
Precision (max.): 3% CV (at +25 C, ABS > .02)
Operating Ambient Temperature: +15C to +30C

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