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MitoSciences' enzyme activity assays apply a novel approach, whereby target enzymes are first immunocaptured from tissue or cell samples before subsequent functional analysis. Dipstick ELISA Kits extend this concept by utilizing the well-established lateral flow concept, wherein capture antibodies are striped onto nitrocellulose membrane and a wicking pad draws the sample through the antibody bands. All of our ELISA kits utilize highly validated monoclonal antibodies (learn more about validation) and proprietary buffers, which are able to capture even very large enzyme complexes in their fully-intact, functionally-active states.

Cat. No. Name Reactivity Amount
MS130 Complex I Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assay Kit Hu, Ms, Rat, Cow 30 tests
90 tests
MS430 Complex IV Human Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assay Kit Hu, Cow 30 tests
90 tests
MS432 Complex IV Rodent Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assay Kit Ms, Rat 30 tests
90 tests
MSP30 Pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assay Kit Hu, Rat, Ms, Cow, porcine 30 tests
90 tests

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Click here for a video demonstration of a dipstick assay.

Companion Product:
• Dipstick Reader (cat.#MS1000)
Manufactured for us by Hamamatsu, our immunochromatographic reader has been custom configured for our dipsticks. The reader is easy to use and includes software tailored to our assays.

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