Benefits of MitoSciences' Dipstick Assays:

• Very simple: they require minimal sample prep and only a few overall steps.

• Very rapid: the total assay time, including sample prep, is typically less than 1 hour.

• Very sensitive: - as little as 3 µg of sample material per test is all that is required.

• Suitable for a wide range of sample types: Tissue, cultured cells, blood, cheek swabs.

• Available for a variety of species: human, mouse, rat.

• Do not require isolation of mitochondria.

Dipstick Assays

Dipstick assays use the well-established lateral flow format, wherein capture antibodies are striped onto nitrocellulose membrane and a wicking pad draws the sample up through the antibody bands for subsequent analysis of enzyme activity and protein quantity. Dipstick assays from MitoSciences utilize our proprietary EnzymeLok™ monoclonal antibodies, which are able to capture large enzyme complexes in their fully intact and functionally active states. The assays are very easy to perform, rapid, and require very small amounts of sample material.

Dipstick Assay Products

Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assays
These assays use capture antibodies striped onto the dipstick to immobilize the enzyme. Substrate is then added and the product of the reaction is precipitated as a line on the dipstick. The assays are highly quantitative and can be read either by using MitoSciences' MS1000 Dipstick Reader, or by a flatbed scanner (or in fact any instrument capable of densitometry).
Protein Quantity Dipstick Assays
Protein quantity assays employ the sandwich ELISA concept, whereby monoclonal capture and detector antibodies are used to immobilize the target protein/enzyme, and then to quantitate the target. The difference between a traditional sandwich ELISA and these assays is that the detector antibody is not linked to an enzyme reporter, but is instead conjugated to colloidal gold.
MetaPath™ Multiplex Dipstick Arrays
Multiplex dipstick arrays extend the quantitative capabilities of the sandwich ELISA dipsticks by allowing for the simultaneous measurement of 4 proteins in the same sample. Mito Disease and Fatty Oxidation 4-plexes are the first assays in this series. MetaPath™ arrays can be read by any flatbed scanner, or by the MS1000 Dipstick Reader for even greater accuracy and ease of use.

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Companion Product:
• Dipstick Reader (cat.#MS1000)
Manufactured for us by Hamamatsu, our immunochromatographic reader has been custom configured for our dipsticks. The reader is easy to use and includes software tailored to our assays.

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