Western Blotting & Immunocapture Control Samples

We provide high quality control samples at a fair price to give you a standard reference for your research. The following control samples are designed to be used for Western Blotting and Immunocapture applications:

Western Blotting Controls
Cat. No. Name
MS816 Mouse Brain Mitochondria WB Control
MS815 Mouse Heart Mitochondria WB Control
MS814 Mouse Liver Mitochondria WB Control
MS813 Rat Brain Mitochondria WB Control
MS812 Rat Heart Mitochondria WB Control
MS811 Rat Liver Mitochondria WB Control
MS804 Human Liver Mitochondria WB Control
MS801 Human Heart Mitochondria WB Control
ab116321 Hela-Vehicle treated (Negative Control) Whole Cell Lysate
ab116322 Hela-DFO treated (0.5mM, 24h) Whole Cell Lysate
ab131379 Bovine Serum Albumin protein (Nitrated)
ab131380 Human Liver Tissue Lysate (nitrated)
ab135395 Phosphorylation control - Calyculin treated HeLa Lysate
ab136806 Apoptosis control - Staurosporin treated HeLa Lysate
ab136811 Cell Cycle Control - Thymidine/Nocodazole treated HeLa lysate
ab139414 Acetylation control - Trichostatin treated HeLa Lysate
ab154479 Hela-Rho0 treated and control Whole Cell Lysate
ab157396 HeLa-UV Treated and Control Whole Cell Lysate
ab168542 HeLa Cell Fractions (Cytoplasmic/Membrane/Nuclear)
ab170195 HeLa-PMA Treated and Control Whole Cell Lysate
ab171461 Autophagy Control: HeLa Chloroquine-Treated and Control Lysate
ab176107 HeLa Galactose Treated and Untreated Whole Lysate
ab179841 HeLa Whole Cell Lauryl Maltoside Extract
ab181414 HeLa Hydrogen Peroxide-Treated and Untreated Cell Lysate

Immunocapture and Enzyme Isolation Samples
Cat. No. Name
MS802 Bovine Heart Mitochondria IP Control
MS802-10 Bovine Heart Mitochondria IP Control - 10 mg
MS802-100 Bovine Heart Mitochondria IP Control - 100 mg
ab170197 HeLa Whole Cell RIPA Extract
MS822 Mouse Brain Mitochondria IP Control
MS821 Mouse Heart Mitochondria IP Control
MS820 Mouse Liver Mitochondria IP Control
MS819 Rat Brain Mitochondria IP Control
MS818 Rat Heart Mitochondria IP Control
MS817 Rat Liver Mitochondria IP Control

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