Contract Research

MitoSciences is very interested in entering into research collaborations with Investigators at Universities and in Industry.

We are actively involved in research into mitochondrial genetic diseases and we have several ongoing projects using our Mabs and others in development to produce tests for onset of Parkinsons disease.

We have a program to generate high throughput assays for drug safety and drug discovery programs based on our immunocapture antibodies.

Also, we are developing lateral flow devices using our mAbs for point of care detection of mitochondrial dysfunction. For example, we are involved in early trials to detect early indications of toxicity of HAART therapy used for HIV infection.

We welcome inquiries about collaborative research in any or all of the above areas as well as in other diseases where mitochondrial defects are causal or markers of disease progression.

Please direct all inquiries to Dr. Roderick Capaldi.

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