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Figure 1. In this experiment, apoptosis was induced in Jurkat and 143B osteosarcoma cells by FAS and also by treatment with staurosporine (HeLa cells were also treated, but only with STS). Mitochondrial and cytoplasmic fractions were isolated (using kit Cell Fractionation Kit MS861) and probed using MSA12.

As is clear from the gels, cytochrome c has translocated partially in FAS-induced cells and STS-treated osteosarcoma cells, and almost completely in STS-treated Jurkat and HeLa cells. The three control targets allow for verification of the "cleanness" of the cell fractionation.

Cell Fractionation Kit

Catalog No. MS861

$195.00 - 1 Kit

Product Description

The Cell Fractionation Kit allows for the rapid and simple preparation of a mitochondrial and a cytoplasmic fraction for use in studying the translocation of proteins into and out of mitochondria. Unlike competing products, this kit does not require mechanical disruption of the sample. This is an important performance characteristic, as mechanical disruption can also disrupt mitochondrial membranes, causing the biologically-irrelevant release of proteins. Particularly useful in studying apoptosis and the movement of pro-apoptotic proteins such as cytochrome c and AIF.

Product Specifications
Kit Components: 300mL of Buffer A (2 x 150 mL aliquots)
25 L of Detergent
10 mL of 5X SDS Sample Buffer.
Applications: Preparation of cytoplasmic and cytoplasm-depleted mitochondria-containing cell fractions.
Species Reactivity: human
Storage Conditions: Store Buffer A at 4C. Store 5X SDS Sample Buffer and detergent at -20C.
Country of Origin: USA

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