Bovine Heart Mitochondria IP Control

Catalog No. MS802

$50.00 - 2 mg

2 mg of bovine heart mitochondria in iso-osmotic buffer. This sample can act as a positive control in immunocapture applications and Blue Native PAGE.


Product Specifications
Applications: Immunocapture, however could also be used for electrophoresis and Western blotting.
Concentration: 2 mg of purified bovine heart mitochondrial membranes resuspended in 360 µl of heart mitochondria resuspension buffer (10 mM Tris.HCl, pH 7.8, 0.2 M sucrose, 0.2 mM EDTA, 1 mM PMSF).
Suggested Working Concentration: 1 mg solubilized mitochondria for Immunocapture experiments. For the Immunocapture of OXPHOS complexes, it is recommended that 180 µl of the mitochondrial membranes supplied be solubilized by the addition of 20 µl of 10% lauryl maltoside. Insoluble material is removed by centrifugation at 72,000g before immunocapture of complexes from the supernatant. For more detail see Mitosciences suggested protocols.
Storage Conditions: Shipped at -80C. Store at -20C after receipt, or at -80C for long term.
Country of Origin: USA



Downloadable Documents

   Technical Data Sheet

   Immunocapture Protocol

   Blue Native Electrophoresis


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