Adenine Nucleotide Translocase (ANT)

UniProt Number: P12235
Alternate Names: ADP/ATP translocase 1, Adenine nucleotide translocator 1, ANT 1, ADP/ATP carrier protein 1, Solute carrier family 25 member 4, ADP/ATP carrier protein, heart/skeletal muscle isoform T1, SLC25A4, ANT1
Structure and Function: ANT is a reversible transporter of ATP and ADP. During OXPHOS the protein exchanges ATP out for ADP in, but when it becomes important to maintain a membrane potential, at times when OXPHOS is not working, ANT can work in reverse.
Disease Associations: Mutant ANT has been identified in cardiomyopathy, and autoimmune reactions to this protein can cause heart related diseases.

Monoclonal Antibodies
Cat. No. Name Reactivity Apps. Amount
MSA02 ANT antibody human, rat, bovine, C. elegans, mouse WB, ICC 100 µg
MSA01c ANT capture antibody human, bovine IP 100 µg

Immunocapture Kits
Cat. No. Name Reactivity Amount
MSA01 ANT Immunocapture Kit human, bovine 250 µg
500 µg
750 µg

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