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V-type proton ATPase subunit a, vacuolar isoform

UniProt Number: P32563
Alternate Names: V-ATPase 95 kDa subunit
Vacuolar pH protein 1
Vacuolar proton pump a subunit
Vacuolar proton translocating ATPase subunit a 1
Structure and Function: Subunit of the integral membrane V0 complex of vacuolar ATPase essential for assembly and catalytic activity. Is present only in vacuolar V-ATPase complexes. Enzymes containing this subunit have a 4-fold higher ratio of proton transport to ATP hydrolysis than complexes containing the Golgi/endosomal isoform and undergo reversible dissociation of V1 and V0 in response to glucose depletion. V-ATPase is responsible for acidifying a variety of intracellular compartments in eukaryotic cells.V-ATPase is an heteromultimeric enzyme composed of a peripheral catalytic V1 complex (components A to H) attached to an integral membrane V0 proton pore complex (components: a, c, c', c'', d and e).
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MSZ02 VPH1 antibody Yeast ICC, WB 250 µg

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