Benefits of MitoSciences' Microplate Assays:

• Highly quantitative and readable by standard instruments.

• Require only small sample amounts and minimal sample prep.

• Suitable for both tissue and cultured cell samples.

• Available for a variety of species: human, mouse, rat.

• Do not require isolation of mitochondria.

Microplate Assays

Microplate assays from MitoSciences utilize our proprietary EnzymeLok monoclonal antibodies, which are able to capture large enzyme complexes in their fully intact and functionally active states. Assays are available to measure both the activity and quantity of target enzymes, and for some targets, duplexing assays are available which can make both measurements in the same well. Multiplex arrays are also available, which allow for the simultaneous analysis of four different targets in each well.

Microplate Products

Enzyme Activity Microplate Assays
MitoSciences' enzyme activity assays apply a novel approach, whereby target enzymes are first immunocaptured from tissue or cell samples before subsequent functional analysis. By analyzing the enzyme's activity in an isolated context, outside of the cell and free from any other variables, an accurate measurement of the enzyme's functional state can be understood.
Protein Quantity Microplate Assays
Individual protein quantity microplate assays use the well-established sandwich ELISA format, whereby capture and detector antibodies are used to immobilize and then quantify a target protein or enzyme. HRP or AP labels provide a colorimetric signal that is readable by any plate readers capable of standard ELISA absorbance measurements.
FlexPlex™ System
Modular sandwich ELISA system for conducting quantitative parallel analysis of up to 12 enzymes on a single microplate. Choose from 30 different enzymes representing a dozen different metabolic pathways.

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