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MetaPath™ MitoDisease 4-Plex Microplate Array

Catalog No. MSX41

$595.00 - 96 x 4 tests

Product Description

This novel array allows for the simultaneous quantification of 4 key enzymes whose expression is down-regulated in different mitochondrial disease patients: Complex I, Complex IV, PDH and Frataxin. The array is comprised of 4 monoclonal capture antibodies spotted into each well of a 96-well plate, and the immunocaptured sample is detected using 4 monoclonal detector antibodies that recognize different epitopes on the target enzymes. This array is very sensitive, and as with all MitoSciences' assays, isolation of mitochondria is not required.

Figure 1. Schematic of MSX41 array layout and example data. Moving from left to right, the first sample are unmodified 143b osteosarcoma cells. The second sample are Rho0 143b cells that have been depleted of their mtDNA, and as would be expected, Complexes I and IV with their mitochondrially encoded/syntheized sub-units are significantly reduced. The third sample are normal fibrablasts, and the fourth sample are fibroblasts from a Complex IV-deficient patient.

This array is suitable for testing a variety of sample types, including cultured cells and tissue homogenate. Not only is it useful for measuring samples that are deficient in the 4 enzymes due to genetic mutations, it is also useful for measuring changes in the expression of the enzymes due to drug treatments or other manipulations.

Product Specifications
Species Reactivity: human
Storage Conditions: All reagents may be stored at 4C. All reagents are stable for 12 months under specified storage conditions.
Country of Origin: USA

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Imaging Systems for
MetaPath™ Microplate Arrays

The protocols for these arrays provide instructions for using the Quansys Biosciences® Q-View™ Imager and Software. This system is-cost effective (<$10k) and is specifically designed for imaging chemiluminescent microplate arrays such as the MetaPath™ arrays.

Instructions are also provided for the following compatible imaging systems:

• Alpha Innotech FC2
• Alpha Innotech HD2
• Bio-Rad VersaDoc 4000
• Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS
• Fujifilm LAS 3000

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