Benefits of MitoSciences' MetaPath™ Microplate Arrays:

• Very high-throughput.

• Since only monoclonal-monoclonal pairs are used, cross-talk is eliminated, ensuring that signal strength is an accurate representation of protein level.

• Highly quantitative and readable by a variety of imaging systems.

• Require only very small sample amounts and minimal sample prep.

• Suitable for both tissue and cultured cell samples.

• Available for a variety of species: human, mouse, rat.

• Do not require isolation of mitochondria.

MetaPath™ Multiplex Microplate Arrays

MetaPath™ arrays are built on the well-established sandwich ELISA concept, whereby capture and detector antibodies are used to first immobilize and then quantitate a protein/enzyme target. Multiplex arrays extend this concept to very high-throughput by spotting the capture antibodies in arrays on the bottom of 96-well plates. Detector antibodies with enzyme-linked tags are then added in one solution, and the relative amount of each target is read by an imager.

MetaPath™ arrays have been rigorously tested to remove cross-talk between detector antibodies, and have been developed for compatible working ranges for each target in the array. These assays are ideal for drug screening applications where multiple targets in a pathway need to be measured simultaneously.

MetaPath™ arrays utilize our proprietary EnzymeLok™ immunocapture antibodies, which are able to capture large enzyme complexes in their fully-intact and functionally-active states.

MetaPath™ Microplate Arrays
Cat. No. Name Reactivity Amount Price
MSX41 MetaPath™ Mito Disease 4-Plex Microplate Array human 96 x 4 tests $595.00
MSX42 MetaPath™ Fatty Acid Oxidation 4-Plex Microplate Array human 96 x 4 tests $595.00

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Imaging Systems for
MetaPath™ Microplate Arrays

The protocols for these arrays provide instructions for using the Quansys Biosciences® Q-View™ Imager and Software. This system is-cost effective (<$10k) and is specifically designed for imaging chemiluminescent microplate arrays such as the MetaPath™ arrays.

Instructions are also provided for the following compatible imaging systems:

• Alpha Innotech FC2
• Alpha Innotech HD2
• Bio-Rad VersaDoc 4000
• Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS
• Fujifilm LAS 3000

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