Features of MitoSciences' MetaPath™ Arrays:

• Both very high-throughput and rapid, simple options.

• Only monoclonal-monoclonal pairs are used, so cross-talk is eliminated, ensuring that signal strength is an accurate representation of protein level.

• Highly quantitative and readable by a variety of imaging systems.

• Require only very small sample amounts and minimal sample prep.

• Suitable for both tissue and cultured cell samples.

• Do not require isolation of mitochondria.

MetaPath™ Multiplex Arrays

MetaPath™ arrays allow for the simultaneous measurement of 4 or more proteins in the same sample. Each MetaPath™ panel of analytes is available on both microplate and dipstick platforms so the investigator is afforded significant experimental flexibility with high throughput and rapid/simple options to choose from.

Microplate Products

MetaPath™ Microplate Arrays
With 4 or more analaytes measurable in each well of a 96-well microplate, these assays offer both high-throughput and high-content capability for large scale screening or biomarker discovery projects. These assays are rigorously validated to ensure the most accurate quantitative data.
MetaPath™ Dipstick Arrays
Multiplex dipstick arrays include 4 or more analytes per dipstick and so offer high-content capability on a rapid and simple assay platform. Ideal for following multiple biomarkers during clinical trials or patient studies, these assays are very quantitative and can be read by either a flatbed scanner or our dedicated dipstick reader.

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