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Induced pluripotent stem cells with a mitochondrial DNA deletion.
Cherry AB, Gagne KE, McLoughlin EM, Baccei A, Gorman B, Hartung O, Miller JD, Zhang J, Zon RL, Ince TA, Neufeld EJ, Lerou PH, Fleming MD, Daley GQ, Agarwal S.

Mutations in mitochondrial ribosomal protein MRPL12 leads to growth retardation, neurological deterioration and mitochondrial translation deficiency.
Serre V, Rozanska A, Beinat M, Chretien D, Boddaert N, Munnich A, Rotig A, Chrzanowska-Lightowlers ZM.

High-throughput immunoassay for the biochemical diagnosis of friedreich ataxia in dried blood spots and whole blood.
Oglesbee D, Kroll C, Gakh O, Deutsch EC, Lynch DR, Gavrilova R, Tortorelli S, Raymond K, Gavrilov D, Rinaldo P, Matern D, Isaya G.

Mutations in LYRM4, encoding iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis factor ISD11, cause deficiency of multiple respiratory chain complexes.
Lim SC, Friemel M, Marum JE, Tucker EJ, Bruno DL, Riley LG, Christodoulou J, Kirk EP, Boneh A, Degennaro C, Springer M, Mootha VK, Rouault TA, Leimk?hler S, Thorburn DR, Compton AG.

Nrf2 modulates contractile and metabolic properties of skeletal muscle in streptozotocin-induced diabetic atrophy.
Whitman SA, Long M, Wondrak GT, Zheng H, Zhang DD.

Resveratrol supplementation improves white adipose tissue function in a depot-specific manner in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
Beaudoin MS, Snook LA, Arkell AM, Simpson JA, Holloway GP, Wright DC.

Physical and Functional Association of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) with Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria.
Elustondo PA, White AE, Hughes ME, Brebner K, Pavlov E, Kane DA.

Pharmacologic modulation of cerebral metabolic derangement and excitotoxicity in a porcine model of traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic shock.
Hwabejire JO, Jin G, Imam AM, Duggan M, Sillesen M, Deperalta D, Jepsen CH, Lu J, Li Y, deMoya MA, Alam HB.

Erythropoietin in Friedreich ataxia.
Mariotti C, Nachbauer W, Panzeri M, Poewe W, Taroni F, Boesch S.

Mitochondrial Gene Polymorphisms That Protect Mice From Colitis
B?r F, Bochmann W, Widok A, von Medem K, Pagel R, Hirose M, Yu X, Kalies K, Konig P, Bohm R, Herdegen T, Reinicke AT, B?ning J, Lehnert H, Fellermann K, Ibrahim S, Sina C.

Impaired complex IV activity in response to loss of LRPPRC function can be compensated by mitochondrial hyperfusion.
Rolland SG, Motori E, Memar N, Hench J, Frank S, Winklhofer KF, Conradt B.

Interactome Analysis Reveals that C1QBP is Associated with Cancer Cell Chemotaxis and Metastasis.
Zhang X, Zhang F, Guo L, Wang Y, Zhang P, Wang R, Zhang N, Chen R.

Rapamycin doses sufficient to extend lifespan do not compromise muscle mitochondrial content or endurance.
Ye L, Widlund AL, Sims CA, Lamming DW, Guan Y, Davis JG, Sabatini DM, Harrison DE, Vang O, Baur JA.

Combined effects of aging and in vitro non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs on kidney and liver mitochondrial physiology.
Rocha-Rodrigues S, Santos-Alves E, Coxito PM, Marques-Aleixo I, Passos E, Guimaraes JT, Martins MJ, Oliveira PJ, Magalhaes J, Ascensao A.

Dysfunctional mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative stress in Akita+/Ins2-derived beta-cells.
Mitchell T, Johnson MS, Ouyang X, Chacko BK, Mitra K, Lei X, Gai Y, Moore DR, Barnes S, Zhang J, Koizumi A, Ramanadham S, Darley-Usmar VM.

Altered 2-thiouridylation impairs mitochondrial translation in reversible infantile respiratory chain deficiency.
Boczonadi V, Smith PM, Pyle A, Gomez-Duran A, Schara U, Tulinius M, Chinnery PF, Horvath R.

Sirt3 regulates metabolic flexibility of skeletal muscle through reversible enzymatic deacetylation.
Jing E, O'Neill BT, Rardin MJ, Kleinridders A, Ilkeyeva OR, Ussar S, Bain JR, Lee KY, Verdin EM, Newgard CB, Gibson BW, Kahn CR.

Tumor suppressor gene Oxidored-nitro domain-containing protein 1 regulates nasopharyngeal cancer cell autophagy, metabolism, and apoptosis in vitro.
Li W, Li X, Wang W, Yi M, Zhou Y, Zheng P, Xiong W, Yang J, Peng S, McCarthy JB, Xiang B, Li G.

The combined effect of metformin and l-cysteine on inflammation, oxidative stress and insulin resistance in streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetes in rats.
Salman ZK, Refaat R, Selima E, Sarha AE, Ismail MA.

Novel c.191C>G (p.Pro64Arg) MPV17 mutation identified in two pairs of unrelated Polish siblings with mitochondrial hepatoencephalopathy.
Piekutowska-Abramczuk D, Pronicki M, Strawa K, Karkuci?ska-Wi?ckowska A, Szyma?ska-D?bi?ska T, Fidzia?ska A, Wi?ckowski M, Jurkiewicz D, Ciara E, Jankowska I, Sykut-Cegielska J, Krajewska-Walasek M, P?oski R, Pronicka E.

Short term exercise induces PGC-1alpha, ameliorates inflammation and increases mitochondrial membrane proteins but fails to increase respiratory enzymes in aging diabetic hearts.
Botta A, Laher I, Beam J, Decoffe D, Brown K, Halder S, Devlin A, Gibson DL, Ghosh S.

Exercise training increases the expression and nuclear localization of mRNA destabilizing proteins in skeletal muscle.
Matravadia S, Martino VB, Sinclair D, Mutch DM, Holloway GP.

Loss of Prohibitin Induces Mitochondrial Damages Altering beta-Cell Function and Survival and Is Responsible for Gradual Diabetes Development.
Supale S, Thorel F, Merkwirth C, Gjinovci A, Herrera PL, Scorrano L, Meda P, Langer T, Maechler P.

Identification of Fatigue Biomarkers in Treated and Treatment-Naive HIV Patients: Preliminary Results.
Jensen K, Goo YA, Yahiaoui A, Bajwa S, Goodlett D, Russo J, Voss J.

Estradiol and tamoxifen regulate NRF-1 and mitochondrial function in mouse mammary gland and uterus.
Ivanova MM, Radde BN, Son J, Mehta FF, Chung SH, Klinge CM.

Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on the Function of MC3T3-E1 Osteoblastic Cells.
Suh KS, Lee YS, Seo SH, Kim YS, Choi EM.

The overexpression of Twinkle helicase ameliorates the progression of cardiac fibrosis and heart failure in pressure overload model in mice.
Tanaka A, Ide T, Fujino T, Onitsuka K, Ikeda M, Takehara T, Hata Y, Ylikallio E, Tyynismaa H, Suomalainen A, Sunagawa K.

Skeletal muscle mitochondrial depletion and dysfunction in chronic kidney disease.
Yazdi PG, Moradi H, Yang JY, Wang PH, Vaziri ND.

Mitochondrial energetics is impaired in vivo in aged skeletal muscle.
Gouspillou G, Bourdel-Marchasson I, Rouland R, Calmettes G, Biran M, Deschodt-Arsac V, Miraux S, Thiaudiere E, Padois P, Detaille D, Franconi JM, Babot M, Trezeguet V, Arsac L, Diolez P.

Preconditioning with associated blocking of Ca2+ inflow alleviates hypoxia-induced damage to pancreatic beta-cells.
Ma Z, Moruzzi N, Catrina SB, Hals I, Oberholzer J, Grill V, Bjorklund A.

Effect of xanthohumol and 8-prenylnaringenin on MCF-7 breast cancer cells oxidative stress and mitochondrial complexes expression.
Del Mar Blanquer-Rossello M, Oliver J, Valle A, Roca P.

(-)-Epicatechin rich cocoa mediated modulation of oxidative stress regulators in skeletal muscle of heart failure and type 2 diabetes patients.
Ramirez-Sanchez I, Taub PR, Ciaraldi TP, Nogueira L, Coe T, Perkins G, Hogan M, Maisel AS, Henry RR, Ceballos G, Villarreal F.

Lipoic acid restores age-associated impairment of brain energy metabolism through the modulation of Akt/JNK signaling and PGC1alpha transcriptional pathway.
Jiang T, Yin F, Yao J, Brinton RD, Cadenas E.

Changes in vimentin, lamin A/C and mitofilin induce aberrant cell organization in fibroblasts from Fanconi anemia complementation group A (FA-A) patients.
Capanni C, Bruschi M, Columbaro M, Cuccarolo P, Ravera S, Dufour C, Candiano G, Petretto A, Degan P, Cappelli E.

Genistein modulates oxidative stress in breast cancer cell lines according to ERalpha/ERbeta ratio: Effects on mitochondrial functionality, sirtuins, uncoupling protein 2 and antioxidant enzymes.
Nadal-Serrano M, Pons DG, Sastre-Serra J, Blanquer-Rossello Mdel M, Roca P, Oliver J.

MICU1 controls both the threshold and cooperative activation of the mitochondrial Ca?? uniporter.
Csordas G, Golenar T, Seifert EL, Kamer KJ, Sancak Y, Perocchi F, Moffat C, Weaver D, de la Fuente Perez S, Bogorad R, Koteliansky V, Adijanto J, Mootha VK, Hajnoczky G.

Age-related changes in the mitochondrial proteome of the fungus Podospora anserina analyzed by 2D-DIGE and LC-MS/MS.
Chimi MA, Drose S, Wittig I, Heide H, Steger M, Werner A, Hamann A, Osiewacz HD, Brandt U.

Autophagy-mediated turnover of dynamin-related protein 1.
Purnell PR, Fox HS.

Mitochondria-targeted antioxidant MitoQ ameliorates experimental mouse colitis by suppressing NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory cytokines.
Dashdorj A, Jyothi KR, Lim S, Jo A, Nguyen MN, Ha J, Yoon KS, Kim HJ, Park JH, Murphy MP, Kim SS.

Letm1, the mitochondrial Ca2+/H+ antiporter, is essential for normal glucose metabolism and alters brain function in Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.
Jiang D, Zhao L, Clish CB, Clapham DE.

Changes in the mitochondrial phosphoproteome during mammalian hibernation.
Chung DJ, Szyszka B, Brown JC, H?ner NP, Staples JF.

Putative Structural and Functional Coupling of the Mitochondrial BKCa Channel to the Respiratory Chain.
Bednarczyk P, Wieckowski MR, Broszkiewicz M, Skowronek K, Siemen D, Szewczyk A.

Palmitoylation is the switch that assigns calnexin to quality control or ER Ca2+ signaling.
Lynes EM, Raturi A, Shenkman M, Sandoval CO, Yap MC, Wu J, Janowicz A, Myhill N, Benson MD, Campbell RE, Berthiaume LG, Lederkremer GZ, Simmen T.

Autophagy in Myf5+ progenitors regulates energy and glucose homeostasis through control of brown fat and skeletal muscle development.
Martinez-Lopez N, Athonvarangkul D, Sahu S, Coletto L, Zong H, Bastie CC, Pessin JE, Schwartz GJ, Singh R.

Novel interactions between mitochondrial superoxide dismutases and the electron transport chain.
Suthammarak W, Somerlot BH, Opheim E, Sedensky M, Morgan PG.

Rev-erb-alpha modulates skeletal muscle oxidative capacity by regulating mitochondrial biogenesis and autophagy.
Woldt E, Sebti Y, Solt LA, Duhem C, Lancel S, Eeckhoute J, Hesselink MK, Paquet C, Delhaye S, Shin Y, Kamenecka TM, Schaart G, Lefebvre P, Nevi?re R, Burris TP, Schrauwen P, Staels B, Duez H.

Landscape of the mitochondrial Hsp90 metabolome in tumours.
Chae YC, Angelin A, Lisanti S, Kossenkov AV, Speicher KD, Wang H, Powers JF, Tischler AS, Pacak K, Fliedner S, Michalek RD, Karoly ED, Wallace DC, Languino LR, Speicher DW, Altieri DC.

Ethoxyquin prevents chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity via Hsp90 modulation.
Zhu J, Chen W, Mi R, Zhou C, Reed N, Hoke A.

Quantitative Proteomics Reveals Oxygen-Dependent Changes in Neuronal Mitochondria Affecting Function and Sensitivity to Rotenone.
Villeneuve L, Tiede LM, Morsey B, Fox HS.

Reduction of Brain Mitochondrial beta-Oxidation Impairs Complex I and V in Chronic Alcohol Intake: The Underlying Mechanism for Neurodegeneration.
Haorah J, Rump TJ, Xiong H.

Early-onset cataracts, spastic paraparesis, and ataxia caused by a novel mitochondrial tRNAGlu (MT-TE) gene mutation causing severe complex I deficiency: a clinical, molecular, and neuropathologic study.
Lax NZ, Gnanapavan S, Dowson SJ, Alston CL, He L, Polvikoski TM, Jaros E, O'Donovan DG, Yarham JW, Turnbull DM, Dean AF, Taylor RW.

Synergistic impact of endurance training and intermittent hypobaric hypoxia on cardiac function and mitochondrial energetic and signaling.
Magalhaes J, Falcao-Pires I, Goncalves IO, Lumini-Oliveira J, Marques-Aleixo I, Dos Passos E, Rocha-Rodrigues S, Machado NG, Moreira AC, Miranda-Silva D, Moura C, Leite-Moreira AF, Oliveira PJ, Torrella JR, Ascensao A.

Ablation of promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) re-patterns energy balance and protects mice from obesity induced by a western diet.
Cheng X, Guo S, Liu Y, Chu H, Hakimi P, Berger NA, Hanson RW, Kao HY.

Mitochondrial respiratory capacity and content are normal in young insulin-resistant obese humans.
Fisher-Wellman KH, Weber TM, Cathey BL, Brophy PM, Gilliam LA, Kane CL, Maples JM, Gavin TP, Houmard JA, Neufer PD.

Resveratrol supplementation improves white adipose tissue function in a depot-specific manner in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
Beaudoin MS, Snook LA, Arkell AM, Simpson JA, Holloway GP, Wright DC.

Experimental sepsis-induced mitochondrial biogenesis is dependent on autophagy, TLR4, and TLR9 signaling in liver.
Carchman EH, Whelan S, Loughran P, Mollen K, Stratamirovic S, Shiva S, Rosengart MR, Zuckerbraun BS.

Evidence for the role of AMPK in regulating PGC-1 alpha expression and mitochondrial proteins in mouse epididymal adipose tissue.
Wan Z, Root-McCaig J, Castellani L, Kemp BE, Steinberg GR, Wright DC.

RTP801 immunoreactivity in retinal ganglion cells and its down-regulation in cultured cells protect them from light and cobalt chloride.
Del Olmo-Aguado S, N?nez-alvarez C, Ji D, Manso AG, Osborne NN.

Differentially Altered Molecular Signature of Visceral Adipose Tissue in HIV-1-Associated Lipodystrophy.
Gallego-Escuredo JM, Villarroya J, Domingo P, Targarona EM, Alegre M, Domingo JC, Villarroya F, Giralt M.

Widespread and enzyme-independent N{epsilon}-acetylation and N{epsilon}-succinylation in the chemical conditions of the mitochondrial matrix.
Wagner GR, Payne RM.

Nitric oxide regulates vascular adaptive mitochondrial dynamics.
Miller MW, Knaub LA, Olivera-Fragoso LF, Keller AC, Balasubramaniam V, Watson PA, Reusch JE.

Loss of FHL1 induces an age-dependent skeletal muscle myopathy associated with myofibrillar and intermyofibrillar disorganization in mice.
Domenighetti AA, Chu PH, Wu T, Sheikh F, Gokhin DS, Guo LT, Cui Z, Peter AK, Christodoulou DC, Parfenov MG, Gorham JM, Li DY, Banerjee I, Lai X, Witzmann FA, Seidman CE, Seidman JG, Gomes AV, Shelton GD, Lieber RL, Chen J.

Exercise training enhances white adipose tissue metabolism in rats selectively bred for low- or high-endurance running capacity.
Stephenson EJ, Lessard SJ, Rivas DA, Watt MJ, Yaspelkis BB 3rd, Koch LG, Britton SL, Hawley JA.

Mitochondria-targeted heme oxygenase-1 decreases oxidative stress in renal epithelial cells.
Bolisetty S, Traylor A, Zarjou A, Johnson MS, Benavides GA, Ricart K, Boddu R, Moore RD, Landar A, Barnes S, Darley-Usmar V, Agarwal A.

Epinephrine and AICAR-induced PGC-1alpha mRNA expression is intact in skeletal muscle from rats fed a high-fat diet.
Frier BC, Wan Z, Williams DB, Stefanson AL, Wright DC.

SIRT1-mediated acute cardioprotection.
Nadtochiy SM, Yao H, McBurney MW, Gu W, Guarente L, Rahman I, Brookes PS.

Bax and Bak function as the outer membrane component of the mitochondrial permeability pore in regulating necrotic cell death in mice.
Karch J, Kwong JQ, Burr AR, Sargent MA, Elrod JW, Peixoto PM, Martinez-Caballero S, Osinska H, Cheng EH, Robbins J, Kinnally KW, Molkentin JD.

AMPK Regulates ER Morphology and Function in Stressed Pancreatic beta-Cells via Phosphorylation of DRP1.
Wikstrom JD, Israeli T, Bachar-Wikstrom E, Swisa A, Ariav Y, Waiss M, Kaganovich D, Dor Y, Cerasi E, Leibowitz G.

Hemin causes mitochondrial dysfunction in endothelial cells through promoting lipid peroxidation: the protective role of autophagy.
Higdon AN, Benavides GA, Chacko BK, Ouyang X, Johnson MS, Landar A, Zhang J, Darley-Usmar VM.

Enhancing mitochondrial calcium buffering capacity reduces aggregation of misfolded SOD1 and motor neuron cell death without extending survival in mouse models of inherited amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Parone PA, Da Cruz S, Han JS, McAlonis-Downes M, Vetto AP, Lee SK, Tseng E, Cleveland DW.

Reduced skeletal muscle oxidative capacity and elevated ceramide but not diacylglycerol content in severe obesity.
Coen PM, Hames KC, Leachman EM, Delany JP, Ritov VB, Menshikova EV, Dube JJ, Stefanovic-Racic M, Toledo FG, Goodpaster BH.

Activity energy expenditure is a major determinant of dietary fat oxidation and trafficking, but the deleterious effect of detraining is more marked than the beneficial effect of training at current recommendations.
Activity energy expenditure is a major determinant of dietary fat oxidation and trafficking, but the deleterious effect of detraining is more marked than the beneficial effect of training at current recommendations.

Age-dependent effects of high fat-diet on murine left ventricles: role of palmitate.
Aurich AC, Niemann B, Pan R, Gruenler S, Issa H, Silber RE, Rohrbach S.

Enhanced glucose metabolism is preserved in cultured primary myotubes from obese donors in response to exercise training.
Bourlier V, Saint-Laurent C, Louche K, Badin PM, Thalamas C, de Glisezinski I, Langin D, Sengenes C, Moro C.

Ridaifen-SB8, a novel tamoxifen derivative, induces apoptosis via reactive oxygen species-dependent signaling pathway.
Guo WZ, Shiina I, Wang Y, Umeda E, Watanabe C, Uetake S, Ohashi Y, Yamori T, Dan S.

Identification of mitochondrial dysfunction in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome through use of stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture.
Rivera-Torres J, Acin-Perez R, Cabezas-Sanchez P, Osorio FG, Gonzalez-Gomez C, Megias D, Camara C, Lopez-Otin C, Enriquez JA, Luque-Garcia JL, Andres V.

Insights into the arginine paradox: evidence against the importance of subcellular location of arginase and eNOS.
Elms S, Chen F, Wang Y, Qian J, Askari B, Yu Y, Pandey D, Iddings J, Caldwell RB, Fulton DJ.

Quantitative clinical proteomic study of autopsied human infarcted brain specimens to elucidate the deregulated pathways in ischemic stroke pathology.
Datta A, Akatsu H, Heese K, Sze SK.

The Biological Clock is Regulated by Adrenergic Signaling in Brown Fat but is Dispensable for Cold-Induced Thermogenesis.
Li S, Yu Q, Wang GX, Lin JD.

Elevated FGF21 secretion, PGC-1alpha and ketogenic enzyme expression are hallmarks of iron-sulfur cluster depletion in human skeletal muscle.
Crooks DR, Natarajan TG, Jeong SY, Chen C, Park SY, Huang H, Ghosh MC, Tong WH, Haller RG, Wu C, Rouault TA.

A Potential New Therapeutic Approach for Friedreich Ataxia: Induction of Frataxin Expression With TALE Proteins.
Chapdelaine P, Coulombe Z, Chikh A, Gerard C, Tremblay JP.

Glutathione peroxidase 4 has a major role in protecting mitochondria from oxidative damage and maintaining oxidative phosphorylation complexes in gut epithelial cells.
Cole-Ezea P, Swan D, Shanley D, Hesketh J.

A GAA repeat expansion reporter model of Friedreich's ataxia recapitulates the genomic context and allows rapid screening of therapeutic compounds.
Lufino MM, Silva AM, Nemeth AH, Alegre-Abarrategui J, Russell AJ, Wade-Martins R.

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