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FK506 affects mitochondrial protein synthesis and oxygen consumption in human cells.
Palacin M, Coto E, Llobet L, Pacheu-Grau D, Montoya J, Ruiz-Pesini E.

Dibenzofuran-induced mitochondrial dysfunction: Interaction with ANT carrier.
Duarte FV, Gomes AP, Teodoro JS, Varela AT, Moreno AJ, Rolo AP, Palmeira CM.

Berberine reverts hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction in high-fat fed rats: a possible role for SirT3 activation.
Teodoro JS, Duarte FV, Gomes AP, Varela AT, Peixoto FM, Rolo AP, Palmeira CM.

Resveratrol supplementation improves white adipose tissue function in a depot-specific manner in Zucker diabetic fatty rats.
Beaudoin MS, Snook LA, Arkell AM, Simpson JA, Holloway GP, Wright DC.

Impaired contractile recovery after low-flow myocardial ischemia in a porcine model of metabolic syndrome.
Huang JV, Lu L, Ye S, Bergman BC, Sparagna GC, Sarraf M, Reusch JE, Greyson CR, Schwartz GG.

Tissue- and cell-type-specific manifestations of heteroplasmic mtDNA 3243A>G mutation in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived disease model.
Hamalainen RH, Manninen T, Koivumaki H, Kislin M, Otonkoski T, Suomalainen A.

P-glycoprotein mediates drug resistance via a novel mechanism involving lysosomal sequestration.
Yamagishi T, Sahni S, Sharp DM, Arvind A, Jansson PJ, Richardson DR.

Specific inhibition of mitochondrial oxidative stress suppresses inflammation and improves cardiac function in a rat pneumonia-related sepsis model.
Zang QS, Sadek H, Maass DL, Martinez B, Ma L, Kilgore JA, Williams NS, Frantz DE, Wigginton JG, Nwariaku FE, Wolf SE, Minei JP.

Cyclophilin D modulates mitochondrial acetylome.
Nguyen TT, Wong R, Menazza S, Sun J, Chen Y, Wang G, Gucek M, Steenbergen C, Sack MN, Murphy E.

Disruption of Basal lamina components in neuromotor synapses of children with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.
Robinson KG, Mendonca JL, Militar JL, Theroux MC, Dabney KW, Shah SA, Miller F, Akins RE.

Skeletal muscle triacylglycerol hydrolysis does not influence metabolic complications of obesity.
Sitnick MT, Basantani MK, Cai L, Schoiswohl G, Yazbeck CF, Distefano G, Ritov V, DeLany JP, Schreiber R, Stolz DB, Gardner NP, Kienesberger PC, Pulinilkunnil T, Zechner R, Goodpaster BH, Coen P, Kershaw EE.

Construction of two novel reciprocal conplastic rat strains and characterization of cardiac mitochondria.
Kumarasamy S, Gopalakrishnan K, Abdul-Majeed S, Partow-Navid R, Farms P, Joe B.

Mitochondrial localized Stat3 promotes breast cancer growth via phosphorylation of serine 727.
Zhang Q, Raje V, Yakovlev VA, Yacoub A, Szczepanek K, Meier J, Derecka M, Chen Q, Hu Y, Sisler J, Hamed H, Lesnefsky EJ, Valerie K, Dent P, Larner AC.

Loss of SDHA expression identifies SDHA mutations in succinate dehydrogenase-deficient gastrointestinal stromal tumors.
Dwight T, Benn DE, Clarkson A, Vilain R, Lipton L, Robinson BG, Clifton-Bligh RJ, Gill AJ.

Mitochondrial ribosomal RNA (rRNA) methyltransferase family members are positioned to modify nascent rRNA in foci near the mitochondrial DNA nucleoid.
Lee KW, Okot-Kotber C, LaComb JF, Bogenhagen DF.

The role of 'glycolysis-uncoupling of glucose oxidation' in the progression of chronic cardiac hypertrophy
ZHOU He-ping, ZHU Hai-long, GU Chun-hu, CHEN Tao, XIONG Hong-yan, SUN Guo-cheng

Loss of prohibitin induces mitochondrial damages altering beta-cell function and survival and is responsible for gradual diabetes development.
Supale S, Thorel F, Merkwirth C, Gjinovci A, Herrera PL, Scorrano L, Meda P, Langer T, Maechler P.

Mitochondrial targeted nitro-linoleate, a tool compound for studying cardioprotection.
Nadtochiy SM, Madukwe J, Hagen F, Brookes PS.

Salt loading exacerbates diastolic dysfunction and cardiac remodeling in young female Ren2 rats.
Whaley-Connell AT, Habibi J, Aroor A, Ma L, Hayden MR, Ferrario CM, Demarco VG, Sowers JR.

Quantitative Proteomic and Functional Analysis of Liver Mitochondria from High Fat Diet (HFD) Diabetic Mice.
Guo Y, Darshi M, Ma Y, Perkins GA, Shen Z, Haushalter KJ, Saito R, Chen A, Lee YS, Patel HH, Briggs SP, Ellisman MH, Olefsky JM, Taylor SS.

Overexpression of manganese superoxide dismutase ameliorates high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance in rat skeletal muscle.
Boden MJ, Brandon AE, Tid-Ang JD, Preston E, Wilks D, Stuart E, Cleasby ME, Turner N, Cooney GJ, Kraegen EW.

Helicobacter pylori infection affects mitochondrial function and DNA repair, thus, mediating genetic instability in gastric cells.
Machado AM, Desler C, B?ggild S, Strickertsson JA, Friis-Hansen L, Figueiredo C, Seruca R, Rasmussen LJ.

Altered skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis but improved endurance capacity in trained OPA1-deficient mice.
Caffin F, Prola A, Piquereau J, Novotova M, David DJ, Garnier A, Fortin D, Alavi MV, Veksler V, Ventura-Clapier R, Joubert F.

Mitochondrial dysfunction in the type 2 diabetic heart is associated with alterations in spatially distinct mitochondrial proteomes.
Dabkowski ER, Baseler WA, Williamson CL, Powell M, Razunguzwa TT, Frisbee JC, Hollander JM.

Rapamycin doses sufficient to extend lifespan do not compromise muscle mitochondrial content or endurance.
Ye L, Widlund AL, Sims CA, Lamming DW, Guan Y, Davis JG, Sabatini DM, Harrison DE, Vang O, Baur JA.

Altered mitochondrial morphology and defective protein import reveal novel roles for Bax and/or Bak in skeletal muscle.
Zhang Y, Iqbal S, O'Leary MF, Menzies KJ, Saleem A, Ding S, Hood DA.

Integrated proteomic and metabolic analysis of breast cancer progression.
Shaw PG, Chaerkady R, Wang T, Vasilatos S, Huang Y, Van Houten B, Pandey A, Davidson NE.

Resveratrol Induces Hepatic Mitochondrial Biogenesis Through the Sequential Activation of Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Production.
Kim SK, Joe Y, Zheng M, Kim HJ, Yu JK, Cho GJ, Chang KC, Kim HK, Han J, Ryter SW, Chung HT.

Drosophila Ric-8 interacts with the Galpha12/13 subunit, Concertina, during activation of the Folded gastrulation pathway.
Drosophila Ric-8 interacts with the Galpha12/13 subunit, Concertina, during activation of the Folded gastrulation pathway.

The hypoxia-inducible microRNA cluster miR-199a~214 targets myocardial PPARdelta and impairs mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation.
el Azzouzi H, Leptidis S, Dirkx E, Hoeks J, van Bree B, Brand K, McClellan EA, Poels E, Sluimer JC, van den Hoogenhof MM, Armand AS, Yin X, Langley S, Bourajjaj M, Olieslagers S, Krishnan J, Vooijs M, Kurihara H, Stubbs A, Pinto YM, Krek W, Mayr M, da Costa Martins PA, Schrauwen P, De Windt LJ.

Mitochondrial cristae shape determines respiratory chain supercomplexes assembly and respiratory efficiency.
Cogliati S, Frezza C, Soriano ME, Varanita T, Quintana-Cabrera R, Corrado M, Cipolat S, Costa V, Casarin A, Gomes LC, Perales-Clemente E, Salviati L, Fernandez-Silva P, Enriquez JA, Scorrano L.

Human F1F0 ATP synthase, mitochondrial ultrastructure and OXPHOS impairment: a (super-)complex matter?
Habersetzer J, Larrieu I, Priault M, Salin B, Rossignol R, Br?thes D, Paumard P.

Mutation of the human mitochondrial phenylalanine-tRNA synthetase causes infantile-onset epilepsy and cytochrome c oxidase deficiency.
Almalki A, Alston CL, Parker A, Simonic I, Mehta SG, He L, Reza M, Oliveira JM, Lightowlers RN, McFarland R, Taylor RW, Chrzanowska-Lightowlers ZM.

Mitochondrial abnormality associates with type-specific neuronal loss and cell morphology changes in the pedunculopontine nucleus in Parkinson disease.
Pienaar IS, Elson JL, Racca C, Nelson G, Turnbull DM, Morris CM.

Submaximal ADP-stimulated respiration is impaired in ZDF rats and recovered by resveratrol.
Smith BK, Perry CG, Herbst EA, Ritchie IR, Beaudoin MS, Smith JC, Neufer PD, Wright DC, Holloway GP.

Resveratrol Induces a Mitochondrial Complex I-dependent Increase in NADH Oxidation Responsible for Sirtuin Activation in Liver Cells.
Desquiret-Dumas V, Gueguen N, Leman G, Baron S, Nivet-Antoine V, Chupin S, Chevrollier A, Vessieres E, Ayer A, Ferre M, Bonneau D, Henrion D, Reynier P, Procaccio V.

Endurance training modulates intramyocellular lipid compartmentalization and morphology in skeletal muscle of lean and obese women.
Devries MC, Samjoo IA, Hamadeh MJ, McCready C, Raha S, Watt MJ, Steinberg GR, Tarnopolsky MA.

The mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis (mtFASII) pathway is capable of mediating nuclear-mitochondrial cross talk through the PPAR system of transcriptional activation.
Parl A, Mitchell SL, Clay HB, Reiss S, Li Z, Murdock DG.

Activation of NOD2/RIPK2 pathway induces mitochondrial injury to oligodendrocyte precursor cells in vitro and CNS demyelination in vivo.
Natarajan C, Yao SY, Zhang F, Sriram S.

Mitochondrial dysfunction and permeability transition in osteosarcoma cells showing the Warburg effect.
Giang AH, Raymond T, Brookes P, de Mesy Bentley K, Schwarz E, O'Keefe R, Eliseev R.

The Hsp60 folding machinery is crucial for manganese superoxide dismutase folding and function.
Magnoni R, Palmfeldt J, Hansen J, Christensen JH, Corydon TJ, Bross P.

Interactome analysis reveals that C1QBP (complement component 1, q subcomponent binding protein) is associated with cancer cell chemotaxis and metastasis.
Zhang X, Zhang F, Guo L, Wang Y, Zhang P, Wang R, Zhang N, Chen R.

Aging-Associated Reductions in Lipolytic and Mitochondrial Proteins in Mouse Adipose Tissue Are Not Rescued by Metformin Treatment.
Mennes E, Dungan CM, Frendo-Cumbo S, Williamson DL, Wright DC.

Combined effects of aging and in vitro non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs on kidney and liver mitochondrial physiology.
Rocha-Rodrigues S, Santos-Alves E, Coxito PM, Marques-Aleixo I, Passos E, Guimaraes JT, Martins MJ, Oliveira PJ, Magalhaes J, Ascensao A.

Dopamine-agonist responsive Parkinsonism in a patient with the SANDO syndrome caused by POLG mutation.
Bandettini di Poggio M, Nesti C, Bruno C, Meschini MC, Schenone A, Santorelli FM.

Enoyl coenzyme a hydratase domain-containing 2, a potential novel regulator of myocardial ischemia injury.
Du J, Li Z, Li QZ, Guan T, Yang Q, Xu H, Pritchard KA, Camara AK, Shi Y.

Mitochondrial ribosomal RNA (rRNA) methyltransferase family members are positioned to modify nascent rRNA in foci near the mitochondrial DNA nucleoid.
Lee KW, Okot-Kotber C, LaComb JF, Bogenhagen DF.

Mitochondrial respiration regulates adipogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells.
Zhang Y, Marsboom G, Toth PT, Rehman J.

Spargel/dPGC-1 is a new downstream effector in the insulin-TOR signaling pathway in Drosophila.
Mukherjee S, Duttaroy A.

Mitochondrial impairment in the five-sixth nephrectomy model of chronic renal failure: proteomic approach.
Fedorova LV, Tamirisa A, Kennedy DJ, Haller ST, Budnyy G, Shapiro JI, Malhotra D.

Prolonged cigarette smoke exposure alters mitochondrial structure and function in airway epithelial cells.
Hoffmann RF, Zarrintan S, Brandenburg SM, Kol A, de Bruin HG, Jafari S, Dijk F, Kalicharan D, Kelders M, Gosker HR, Ten Hacken NH, van der Want JJ, van Oosterhout AJ, Heijink IH.

Effect of GSTM1-Polymorphism on Disease Progression and Oxidative Stress in HIV Infection: Modulation by HIV/HCV Co-Infection and Alcohol Consumption.
Parsons M, Campa A, Lai , Li Y, Martinez JD, Murillo J, Greer P, Martinez SS, Baum MK.

The ETFDH c.158A>G Variation Disrupts the Balanced Interplay of ESE- and ESS-Binding Proteins thereby Causing Missplicing and Multiple Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenation Deficiency.
Olsen RK, Broner S, Sabaratnam R, Doktor TK, Andersen HS, Bruun GH, Gahrn B, Stenbroen V, Olpin SE, Dobbie A, Gregersen N, Andresen BS.

An NTD-Associated Polymorphism in the 3' UTR of MTHFD1L can Affect Disease Risk by Altering miRNA Binding.
Minguzzi S, Selcuklu SD, Spillane C, Parle-McDermott A.

Coenzyme Q10 prevents accelerated cardiac aging in a rat model of poor maternal nutrition and accelerated postnatal growth.
Tarry-Adkins JL, Blackmore HL, Martin-Gronert MS, Fernandez-Twinn DS, McConnell JM, Hargreaves IP, Giussani DA, Ozanne SE.

The protective effects of Achyranthes bidentata root extract on the antimycin A induced damage of osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells.
Suh KS, Lee YS, Choi EM.

Extra virgin olive oil potentiates the effects of aromatase inhibitors via glutathione depletion in estrogen receptor-positive human breast cancer (MCF-7) cells.
Ismail AM, In LL, Tasyriq M, Syamsir DR, Awang K, Mustafa AH, Idris OF, Fadl-Elmula I, Hasima N.

Endurance exercise training up-regulates lipolytic proteins and reduces triglyceride content in skeletal muscle of obese subjects.
Louche K, Badin PM, Montastier E, Laurens C, Bourlier V, de Glisezinski I, Thalamas C, Viguerie N, Langin D, Moro C.

SURF1 deficiency causes demyelinating Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.
Echaniz-Laguna A, Ghezzi D, Chassagne M, Mayen?on M, Padet S, Melchionda L, Rouvet I, Lannes B, Bozon D, Latour P, Zeviani M, Mousson de Camaret B.

Adaptive Responses of Mitochondria to Mild Copper Deprivation Involve Changes in Morphology, OXPHOS Remodeling and Bioenergetics.
Ruiz LM, Jensen EL, Bustos RI, Arguelloa G, Gutierrez-Garcia R, Gonzalez M, Hernandez C, Paredes R, Simon F, Riedel C, Ferrick D, Elorza AA.

Age-related changes in the mitochondrial proteome of the fungus Podospora anserina analyzed by 2D-DIGE and LC-MS/MS.
Chimi MA, Drose S, Wittig I, Heide H, Steger M, Werner A, Hamann A, Osiewacz HD, Brandt U.

Reduced Levels of Mitochondrial Complex I Subunit NDUFB8 and Linked Complex I + III Oxidoreductase Activity in the TgCRND8 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease.
Francis BM, Yang J, Song BJ, Gupta S, Maj M, Bazinet RP, Robinson B, Mount HT.

Acute inhibition of excessive mitochondrial fission after myocardial infarction prevents long-term cardiac dysfunction.
Disatnik MH, Ferreira JC, Campos JC, Gomes KS, Dourado PM, Qi X, Mochly-Rosen D.

Overweight female rats selectively breed for low aerobic capacity exhibit increased myocardial fibrosis and diastolic dysfunction.
DeMarco VG, Johnson MS, Ma L, Pulakat L, Mugerfeld I, Hayden MR, Garro M, Knight W, Britton SL, Koch LG, Sowers JR.

Mitochondria-targeted antioxidant MitoQ ameliorates experimental mouse colitis by suppressing NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory cytokines.
Dashdorj A, Jyothi KR, Lim S, Jo A, Nguyen MN, Ha J, Yoon KS, Kim HJ, Park JH, Murphy MP, Kim SS.

ACAD9, a complex I assembly factor with a moonlighting function in fatty acid oxidation deficiencies.
Nouws J, Te Brinke H, Nijtmans LG, Houten SM.

Ctr2 regulates biogenesis of a cleaved form of mammalian Ctr1 metal transporter lacking the copper- and cisplatin-binding ecto-domain.
ohrvik H, Nose Y, Wood LK, Kim BE, Gleber SC, Ralle M, Thiele DJ.

Inhibition of oxidative stress by coenzyme Q10 increases mitochondrial mass and improves bioenergetic function in optic nerve head astrocytes.
Noh YH, Kim KY, Shim MS, Choi SH, Choi S, Ellisman MH, Weinreb RN, Perkins GA, Ju WK.

670 nm light mitigates oxygen-induced degeneration in C57BL/6J mouse retina.
Albarracin R, Natoli R, Rutar M, Valter K, Provis J.

PrimPol, an archaic primase/polymerase operating in human cells.
Garcia-Gomez S, Reyes A, Martinez-Jimenez MI, Chocron ES, Mouron S, Terrados G, Powell C, Salido E, Mendez J, Holt IJ, Blanco L.

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